How to Dry out a Water Damaged iPhone

It happens to a lot of individuals, you’re utilizing your phone and then suddenly you fumble it and it falls into a puddle, the bath or even probably the most unfortunate eventuality, the toilet. No real matter what you try, your iPhone is merely never the exact same again – it might not switch on, certain apps won’t load etc.

The warranty of one’s iPhone doesn’t cover water damage, but traditionally it’s been easy enough for a lot of iPhone owners to have their water damaged phones replaced by claiming that it’s caused by several other fault. However, a newly discovered Apple Patent application describes a system that will allow it to be easier for Apple Store employees to spot a water damaged phone so they can deny you a replacement.

If this patent were accepted it would make it a great deal more burdensome for iPhone owners to disguise liquid damage as shop assistants at Apple Stores would manage to diagnose phone failure as a result of liquids a great deal more easily. For this reason it will be more important than ever to know how to restore a water damage iPhone.

One of the greatest methods to treat a damaged iPhone is by utilizing packets of Silica gel. Silica gel is a moisture-absorbent substance and will have a way to draw water out of your iPhone. In the event that you keep consitently the packaging for electronic products such as cameras and TVs you will probably have a few Silica gel packets knocking concerning the house. If not, then you can often find it at arts and craft stores because they are often used for drying flowers. Otherwise, you can order it online from a selection of retailers.

Once you have a few of the gel, the next step would be to pack your iPhone away in a sealed plastic amongst several packets of the Silica gel apple water damage. Store the plastic bag in a dry place for at the very least three days as this should ensure that most the moisture is drawn out from the electronic innards of the iPhone.

In the event that you can’t get Silica gel quickly, place your iPhone in a bag of uncooked rice and reseal it as this may keep it as dry as you can in the meantime.

The ultimate step is to attempt to perform a complete system restore on your iPhone. This may give you the best chance of getting the iPhone back once again to a pre-water damage, working state.

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